Dustin Sharp's Bio:

After nine years as a DIY home theater enthusiast, Dustin became a professional home theater installer three years ago. Somewhere along the way, he worked at Best Buy in the home theater department for a year and has the chip on his shoulder to prove it. His greatest accomplishment thus far has been assembling his current home cinema with commercial Klipsch cinema speakers behind his screen (all 12-gauge wiring).

"I finally have a system that could make George Lucas [explicative deleted]!"

Equipment List

- JVC RS400u projector
- Yamaha AVENTAGE CX-A5100 pre-amp/processor
- Yamaha AVENTAGE MX-A5000 11 channel power amplifier
- iNuke 6000DSP subwoofer amplifier
- WattBox WB-700CH-IPV-12 power conditioner
- Oppo BDP-103
- Samsung K8500
- X Box One
- Playstation 4
- Klipsch 7.2.4 Atmos surround
- 3 KPT-904 main channels
- 2 KTP-884 subwoofers
- 4 KTP-8060 surrounds
- 4 CDT-5800-II in ceiling surrounds

Dustin Sharp's High-Def Reviews: