D. LaFontaine

D. LaFontaine
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D. LaFontaine's Bio:

Dennis LaFontaine is a movie buff and has been purchasing movies since the days of VHS. With the progression of VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray Disc and now Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, Dennis has amassed a video library of over 3,000 titles in the latest format available for a specific title. A self-described techie and hardcore PC Gamer, Dennis has immersed himself with technology since the age of 8, sometime back in the Eighties. Dennis has also worked 10 years for a company with direct ties to the film and video industry.

Dennis LaFontaine's Current Equipment List:

- Samsung LN-52B750 Display
- Oppo BDP-103D + UDP-203
- Denon 988 Receiver with 4 x Cerwin Vega LS12 and 3 x Cerwin Vega E76C Speakers
- Dish Network HD DVR [via HDMI]
- PC Gaming Rig: Haswell 4770, 32GB Ram, MSI Gaming X GeForce GTX-1080Ti, BenQ PD2700Q 10-bit display. - Working On: 4K UHD Display (Probably a high-end Sony OLED) and a 7.2.2 4K Atmos/DTS:X Receiver (Denon or Comparable)